How Dentist Teeth Whitening Works

For those people who are thinking about tooth whitening, there are many options available on the market today. It always helps to have an understanding of how the procedure works in detail. Here you will find some ideas how dentist teeth whitening works.

Teeth whitening works by lightening the color of your teeth. When this is done, no parts of your teeth are removed. It does not change the color of your teeth, but it does lighten the existing color of your teeth.

For the process the dentist is using a special tray, which is conformed to your mouth like a gum shield. Inside of this tray the whitening chemical is placed. The chemical is usually hydrogen peroxide or carbonate peroxide. The way how to activate the chemical is either by heat or with the combination of heat and light.

In any case your teeth are treated during the process. Usually the procedure will have to be repeated, until the results are achieved. Normally it will take two to three visits to get visual results at the dentist. When you have your first appointment with your dentist, he makes a mouth impression for the tray that will be used for the procedure.

After the procedure is started, you continue home treatments as well. At home you are required over the next two to four weeks to apply bleach on your teeth for 30 minutes to one hour each application. Today there are some applications that can be left on for eight hours which allows you to get results within a week.

Most people are very happy with the result of white teeth. The effect of whitening keep at least for three years and sometimes longer. The only problem is, that the teeth are more sensitive for the first few days after the treatment, which normally doesn't stay for long time.

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