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Tooth whitening is a mega business in the dental industry and it just keeps right on growing. New products are constantly being added, new technologies introduced and new method of tooth whitening implemented. For the people who have a naturally brilliant t smile they can consider themselves very fortunate. For the less fortunate like us, we need to find tooth whitening products to help us along.

Home tooth whitening in Essex is catching on pretty fast. You can buy over the counter tooth whitening products or you can visit your dentist for a tooth whitening solution. Sometimes we just need to clean the teeth ridding them of stains and discoloration that is not too deeply rooted. In this case laser whitening or other move serious methods need not be pursued.

Laser tooth whitening and other methods can be quite expensive and not everyone has that kind of money to spend. The best option is home tooth whitening in Essex which will be a cheaper alternative.
How does home tooth whitening in Essex work? Your dentist will make specially customized mouth trays for you. The dentist will take impressions of your teeth using dental putty or wax and then send it on to a laboratory to create bleaching trays specially fashioned for your teeth. The bleaching gel which is hydrogen peroxide based will be added to the trays and you can go home a happy bunny.

Alternatively you can take the gel in syringes and add them to the trays when you are ready to use them. The trays which are custom made fit snugly over your teeth and the bleaching goes to work whitening your teeth.

The trays have to be worn for a period of 14 days to allow the whitening gel to be effective and prepare the teeth for a final deep clean, which your dentist will perform at the clinic. You can choose to wear the trays during the day or night; it is entirely up to you.

How painful is the home tooth whitening in Essex treatment? Apart from a slight sensitivity you will not experience any pain; if you do experience pain stop the treatment immediately and consult your dentist without delay. Some level of twinges, slight pain or even a dull ache is considered perfectly normal and only temporary. The effects generally do not last more than a couple of days and you can help by not consuming very hot or very cold food and drink items.

There is always a danger in buying tooth whitening products online or even over the counter. If the bleaching gel has a very high concentration of the bleaching agent you can do some serious gum and lip tissue damage.

The main advantage in consulting your dentist for home tooth whitening in Essex is you get a customized product and reliable mixing of the chemicals for the cleaning gel. You need a trained professional handling chemical agents and stuff. Online purchases may sound like a fantastic deal till you actually use them and have to face the not so good consequences. This is not a blanket statement for all products so don't get me wrong.

Article by Dr J Basrai


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